Alba Valeria

Multimedia Learning Designer and Spanish Language Instructor

I combine my background in Media & Communication, my management experience and my skills as a language instructor to plan, design and create interactive and meaningful (e-)learning experiences and materials for language learners.I'm a multipassionate, driven by curiosity and the wish to keep learning. I love figuring out how things work and I enjoy anything related to neuroscience and cognitive sciences.I can't stop talking and thinking about: The emotional aspect of language acquisition as an adult, (re)building one's identity in a second language, developing self-awareness during the language learning journey and the topic of feeling at home as an expat.When I'm not working, you will probably find me reading cosy crime books, listening to podcasts, teaching tricks to my dog or cooking.I speak:🇪🇸 (native) 🇬🇧 (fluent) 🇳🇱 (work proficiency)I once had a thing with: 🇮🇹, 🇫🇷, Latin and ancient Greek.